an update

28 Jul 2007

Well the travel photos are all edited and I've uploaded a 100 images to flickr. 

The link is attached for you -

Click onto "slideshow". If you see an "i" icon and click onto that it will give you the title of the photo. I'm preparing a travel book of images and all the images on flickr will appear in some shape or form in the album. 

I hope you like them,



i'm back!

15 Jul 2007

I took over 600 photos during my 5 week trip, which I'm in the process of culling and editing. Be patient - there will be more pictures soon.

Highlight of the trip photographically - Guatemala. Lowlight of the trip - the doctor's clinic in Caye Caulker. As one of my friends noted, other people collect souvenirs on their holidays but I collect scars. There was the horsebite from Venice, now I've added a 3 inch scar to my knee from Caye Caulker, Belize.

I have a busy time ahead as I have 3 wedding albums to design and 2 children's portrait books plus my holiday snaps to work on and a new website. I'm looking to photograph cute children for my new children's portrait section. If you own such a child and you're happy for their images to be on the web, please contact me to arrange an appointment time.

Bye fpr now,

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