Southern Highlands Road Trip - Berrima and beyond

28 Apr 2008

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, the first dry day in 14 days. I decided not to waste the day and hopped in the car for a drive.

I drove to Berrima in the Southern Highlands just over 1 1/2 hours south of Sydney. Sydney is a lot like Brisbane in many ways. We don't have 4 distinct seasons here just hot, cold, wet or dry.

I was craving some autumnal tones so I decided to head south to cooler climes.

Berrima is a beautiful Georgian village that time forgot. On a Long Weekend it is a very popular place so I avoided the main street with it's tea houses and antique shops and roamed the back streets.

As it was the Anzac Day Long Weekend, I made a pilgrimage to the war memorial. It's a beautifully maintained part of the gardens where sprigs of rosemary lay intermingled between the fallen oak leaves. I took a sprig of rosemary home with me for remembrance.

From there I wandered along Jellore Street with it's cute mix of cottages and Georgian mansions. I wish there was a scratch and sniff component to this blog so you could all experience the beautiful scent of the roses.

I got back into the car and drove back to Sydney via the Illawarra Highway to Wollongong.

I've not been to Wollongong before so headed straight to the beach with the twin lighthouses. A wedding was being held at one lighthouse so I approached the other. The seas were treacherous that day so I made it to the lighthouse with sodden shoes. I had to shoot into the sun so there is a bit of drama to some of the images.

I also took some photos of the lighthouse in the opposite direction from the road to North Beach but they were pretty dull by comparison.

Sorry, but I went a bit crazy with the collages cos I had so many nice images to share,



Apple Cheesecake

20 Apr 2008

When I left Canada, my workmates threw me a farewell party. My friend Sandi was late as always but she was forgiven when she bought along a fantastic dessert, still warm from the oven. I asked for the recipe, which I know as Sandi's Apple Pan Dowdy. It's probably the recipe for which I'm most frequently asked.

Fast forward to 2007 when I last saw Sandi. She'd misplaced the cheesecake recipe which had come from the Granville Island cookbook. My copy of the book was at my parents place so when I was in Brisbane at Christmas, I scanned the recipe and sent it back to Sandi in Calgary. My family are baked cheesecake purists and none of them really like the recipe so I make it for friends and workmates. Thursday we're having a farewell morning tea at work so I baked the apple cheesecake, which is now lurking in the deep freeze.

If you'd like a copy of the recipe let me know and I'll email you a copy. Just leave a message and your email address in the comments section,


Raspberrry Coconut Friands

19 Apr 2008

The Sydney weather forecast wasn't looking promising so I promised myself a day at home doing some baking and editing photos. I tried out a Bill Granger recipe for friands that I found on the SMH website. I've not had a chance to taste one yet, but they smelt very good when they came out of the oven.

In one of the photos you can see my Grandma' s cream cow. Grandma always had the cow in her fridge with just enough milk for her daily cups of tea. My grandma died 17 years ago and the cream cow was bequeathed to me. I think she got lost because she only made her way down to Sydney from Brisbane last year. She now sits on my china shelf where I can see her happy face every day.

Tomorrow I'm making an apple cheesecake for work so expect a few more photos,



Hughes Family Portrait Shoot

13 Apr 2008

I'm making an album for Jenny and her family. Jenny asked if I could try and get a family portrait of all 4 of them. We tried harnessing Bella and managed to get a few photos before she decided she had more important matters to deal with!




I bought some lovely pears at the fruit market yesterday. Nothing says "autumn" more than pears and quinces. I find preparing quinces far too much bother but not pears, so a few beauties came home with me. Now I'll just have to find some suitable recipes.



Saturday in Sydney

6 Apr 2008

I decided to be a tourist in my own town. I caught the train into Martin Place and walked down to the Botanical Gardens. I stopped by the State Library to take a photo of Matthew Flinders with his loyal cat, Trim.

From the library I walked through the Botanical Gardens past Government House. It was a spectacular autumn day - sunny with barely a cloud in the sky.

Guess where?

Many tourists were around and about and 2 groups of people asked if I could take their photos. I do not know how to use a point and shoot camera and I can't see the lcd without my glasses so I apologise in advance for their fuzzy happy snaps of the Opera House and Harbour!

From the Opera House I walked back to Martin Place station via the landmark AMP building, the first of Sydney's skyscrapers, and on to the Museum of Sydney and back home again. Autumn weather is about to strike so this may be the last of the good days for a while.

Next week I'll be posting a family portrait session so stay tuned,

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