Double Bay

Only 2 weeks to go before I fly to London, the first destination on my 5 week vacation. I decided long ago that I'd buy myself a new camera and was trying to decide between the Nikon d3 and the d300. I collected my new camera on Monday and today I took it for a test drive. The d300 has lots of new settings and buttons which will take me quite some time to get my head around. Today I did some basic settings, charged up the battery and took it out to Double Bay.

The camera has a good weight to it and a satisfying shutter click. Some of the buttons have been shifted from the usual Nikon locations so I kept switching the camera off instead of changing the aperture. I guess I'll eventually learn.

I came home to download the files and discovered all the software that came with the camera was in Japanese! A bit of searching on the internet later I was able to convert the files to have a look at them. The files are huge compared to my old camera and the greens are a bit wonky at the moment so I need to check out those other presets I didn't get round to setting. Now I have to check the camera out in low light conditions and with flash so I'll be ready for next round of weddings.

Here are some of the photos I took down at Double Bay wharf, the Woollahra Council Chambers and the neighbouring Blackburn gardens.


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