Wedding Season

Wedding season is almost upon us. I'll be photographing 3 weddings in the space of 3 weeks, something I've not done before. That's a lot of editing to do so to keep my energy stores up I'll be consuming a lot of chocolate.

If at all possible, I like to meet with my couples a week or two before their wedding. In some cases 6-12 months may have passed since we last met so it gives us the opportunity to get reacquainted. We talk about their plans for the day, walk through the venue or the location they've selected for their portrait shoot and assess the lighting conditions.

I met with my October 18 couple, who will be getting married in the Botanical Gardens. Today was pretty grey and drizzly but even so, the gardens were looking gorgeous. The couple has chosen some of the prettiest spots in the gardens for their portraits and I'm really looking forward to their wedding day.


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