The Lynwood Cafe

The last stop on my drive back to Sydney was the tiny village of Collector. I last visited Collector about 15 years ago, when in desperation to find some petrol I pulled in off the Hume Highway. Well the petrol station is still there but abandoned and apart from the Bushranger Hotel, there isn't much else in Collector except the Lynwood Cafe.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the sounds of barking and found 2 dogs, a sheepdog and an old chocolate lab, tethered to some of the fruit trees in the back garden. I thought they belonged to the owners but later discovered they belonged to some of the patrons. The cafe is rustic, tiny and popular and I can see why. The food was delicious - I had crumbed sage veal with a rocket and fennel salad followed by a chocolate, polenta brownie. As I arrived for lunch rather than afternoon tea I didn't try any of their famous scones. I did see a plate carrying 3 gigantic scones, whipped cream and homemade jam (which can be bought at the cafe or online) and vowed I would return!

I roamed around the grounds taking a few photos of the cafe and was introduced to the dogs by their young charges. I learned the sheepdog was a bit nervous which is why he barked and he had a tendency to nip the kids bottoms mistaking them for chickens. The old chocolate Labrador was called Nue, and apologies if I've misspelled his name.

They insisted I take a photo and thankfully approved of my efforts. It took a couple of goes before Nue would smile for the camera though.


2016 Edit - Lynwood Cafe has closed for business.

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