Chocolate Caramel Slice - Version 2

When something is to all intents and purposes perfect, can it be improved upon? That's quite a philosophical question, isn't it especially when applied to chocolate caramel slice? I wondered what the slice would taste like if I doubled the quantity of filling. I just love caramel and when I was growing up my favourite chocolate bar was called 'Tosca'. It had layers of wafer interleaved with vanilla cream and caramel, coated in chocolate. By far my favourite layer was the caramel layer.

I made the slice on Saturday doubling the filling, though it cooked in the usual amount of time. I iced the slice on Sunday and then took it into work on Monday.We're really short staffed at work at the moment due to the flu season, so I thought there might be leftovers. No way - it looks as though my work colleagues agree that you can never have too much of a good thing.

I have a little sliver waiting for me in the kitchen and whilst I'm enjoying it, I've left you with some images of chocolate caramel slice versions 1 and 2.

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