Mandarin and Orange Poppyseed Cake

One of my work colleagues put in a special request for an orange poppy seed cake. Whilst I make the lime poppy seed cake all the time I've not made an orange poppy seed cake before. I didn't have a recipe either so I modified a pound cake recipe, adding mandarin and orange rind and juice, then finished the cake with a mandarin and orange syrup.

I was quite worried the cake would be a bit dry but I was assured by all that it was just fine. I kept a piece aside for me and decided to try it paired with the mandarin curd that's stored in the fridge. I cut the piece of cake into quarters and planned to have a small piece with a cup of tea but 10 minutes later I was licking the plate clean. I just love the mandarin curd! Next time I think I'll increase the amount of syrup poured over the cake as I would still like the cake to be a bit more moist but otherwise it tasted nice and fresh and zesty.

Coming this week I have a special post on Paper Couture, a boutique paper shop in Surry Hills. Unfortunately there is no website to direct you to, so you'll just have to check back later in the week to see the images.

It's time for the Master Chef final so I'm off to cheer Julie on. Bye for now,


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