Friday Favourite - Cantankerous Kitty

My mother will chide me for the nickname, but this is what I call my sister's cat, Cantankerous Kitty or C.K for short. C.K is a Himalayan Persian cat and when groomed looks like a marshmallow cookie on legs.

She and I have a "relationship", which is based on the principle that she is top cat and I am very low in the family pecking order. She and all her grooming products have taken over my old bedroom so I now sleep in my brother's room when I come to visit. She isn't all that keen about me sleeping there either, so to let me know just who's the boss, she bellows outside my bedroom door at 3.00 a.m. I do like my sleep so I guess you're starting to get the idea why I call her C.K.

Since her arrival at my parents home just over a year ago, she has firmly wedged herself into my parent's affections and as you can see has also wedged herself quite firmly onto their old bedroom chair. Her favourite activity (or perhaps that should be inactivity) is sleeping and she has a variety of positions. And yes, she really is that fluffy.

Have a great weekend every-one,


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