Macadamia Lime and Coconut Cake

We've been having the most amazing weather in Sydney this past week. The skies are blue and the temperature has been pretty mild. It could be spring!

The dinner is in the oven and as I'm writing this I'm archiving files. What used to be a simple process - placing negatives in archival sleeving with a label - has now become a triple back-up process. First step involves downloading the cards onto an external hard disc drive which is back-up one. I then save the prepared jpegs and collages onto the laptop which is back-up 2 and then I burn a copy of everything to dvd - back-up 3. Then and only then do I wipe the memory cards.

I've done quite a bit of baking today, which I shouldn't do when I'm tired. The passionfruit tart I made isn't what it should be, so I didn't bother taking any photos of it. It's now on my list of 'redos' which thankfully isn't too long. Instead I'm posting my version of Bill Granger's Macadamia Lime and Coconut Cake. At work we all like using Bill's recipes as they're simple, don't use too many ingredients and best of all, taste really good.

I live quite close to bills in Woollahra and Surry Hills and the food from the books appear on the menus. 

I first made this cake last year and it turned out perfectly. I made the cake a few months ago and took it with me to a bbq. I was told the cake was delicious but it turned out quite flat and I was a bit disappointed so this time I decided to bake the cake in a 20 cm (8 inch cake tin). This time the cake was a mile high so who knows what went wrong. The best part of the cake - the lime icing! 

Back to work tomorrow so bye for now,


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