Friday favourites - Italy in black and white

I think I've visited Florence on 3 occasions to date. I've had my wallet and passport stolen, I've been bitten on the arm by a horse at the Duomo and I've been refused admission to the Uffizi Gallery. How did that happen you ask?

Despite the claims at airport security, x-ray scanning does affect film. Each scan exposes the film and in these security conscious days I think I'd been through 10 x-ray checks by the time I'd reached Florence. I normally travel with my film secured in a lead lined bag but the day I visited the Uffizi Gallery I'd left the bag in my hotel room. I had a roll of black and white film in my camera and when I made my way through the long queue outside the gallery to the front of the queue, I noticed an x-ray scanner. 

I asked if I could have the camera examined manually, as I've done many times before and the security lady said "no". Much hand waving and shouting ensued thereafter and an English speaking employee of the Gallery came to interpret/defuse the situation. 20 minutes later we had reached an impasse and she refused to let me enter the gallery unless she scanned the film. It was late afternoon by this stage and I didn't have enough time to walk back to the hotel and back before the gallery closed for the day. The gallery employee (who was on my side ) knew we were fighting a losing battle and told me I should come back another day. Unfortunately there weren't going to be any other days on this trip as the following day the gallery was closed and I was heading to Rome for the long flight back to Sydney. I figured despite my love/hate relationship with Florence, I would probably return.

I left the Uffizi Gallery in a bit of a grump and took a photo of the Arno River at sunset on the way back to my hotel. I've attached a collage of some of the black and white photos I saved by not exposing them to the x-ray scanner. I still think it was worth it,

I'm off to visit Farmer Andrew this weekend so I may be a day late posting.

Have a great weekend every-one,




  1. I agree - definitely worth it! Your photos are breathtaking.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words,



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