Macadamia, Lime and Coconut Tarts

A few months ago I went on a citrus curd marathon. I had plans to make macadamia, lime and coconut tarts all those months back but didn't get the chance to make them until yesterday.

I pulled out the jar of lime curd that's been in the fridge since last July and checked that it tasted okay. It tasted fine so I placed 2 teaspoons of the curd in the base of some small pastry lined tart tins. I decided to give the almond frangipane filling a bit of a shake-up and replaced the almond meal with equal quantities of whole, raw macadamia nuts and shredded unsweetened coconut, which I ground in a food processor. I flavoured the mixture with grated lime rind, filled the tartlet shells and kept my fingers crossed as I placed the tartlets in the oven.

I made 5 little tarts and kept one for me and took the rest into work. The tangy lime curd balances the rich filling all encased in short almond pastry. The filling is different in texture from an almond frangipane filling - it's quite chewy and macaroony but good.

And the verdict? I think they were a hit,



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