Pear, Ginger and Hazelnut Tart

Life is just so busy at the moment. In the past few days I've done a portrait shoot and a shopshoot plus flown to Brisbane for a family celebration. I've done lots of baking and quite a bit of eating as well. My normal diet has gone out the window and I seem to be surviving on nervous energy and lots of sugar. It will be time to hit the gym on my return to Sydney.

I baked this tart for a work colleague's birthday and it's based on a torn out recipe from a local Women's magazine. That recipe used bought frozen shortcrust pastry and nutella, 2 items that have never been seen in my kitchen.

I decided to use ginger marmalade instead and coarsely chopped glace ginger in the filling for a real ginger hit. I photographed the tart on Saturday just before I left for the airport to catch my flight to Brisbane so I haven't even had a taste of the tart yet.

This is what's waiting for me on my return from Sydney - after my cycle class of course.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and for every-one returning to work, I hope you have a good week.


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