The Christmas Cake

Every year I make the family Christmas cake and it's become a bit of a ritual. It requires a bit of pre-planning because it's all about the preparation of the fruit. This year I even candied my own fruit rind and I can't wait to see how the cake tastes. I slowly accumulate the fruit over a few shopping trips; weigh and chop the dried fruit; then wash and soak it three times in boiling water before soaking the mixture in rum.

A good fruit cake needs time to mature and I usually make the cake about 2 months before Christmas and I don't think the cake has ever been cut before the end of January and often even later than that. The cake darkens with time so the pictures you see here are not the final product.

Sometimes there is a little mixture left over and I make a little cake specially for the cook. Keep that a secret from my family who always insist on me taking some cake home from Brisbane, not knowing I have my own little cake waiting for me at home.

P.S. I want to give a big thanks to Holly of decor8 blog for featuring my photos of Anna Spiro's shop, Black and Spiro on decor8.

Until the next time,



  1. Wow, I love how you used the newspaper. Do you bake the cake with it or did you just add it for the photo?

    There's nothing like family traditions. I hope you enjoy the cooks cake when you get to it ;)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend Jillian

  2. Hi Chantel,

    the newspaper protects the cake during the long cooking period so you use fewer pieces of paper inside the tin. I think it makes the cake more moist that way. I reuse the same piece of paper every year and so far have only burnt one!



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