Bon Vivant

During Passover it's always a challenge finding sweet treats to make which will rival the spicy taste and aroma of a hot cross bun. Well you can't really so instead I look towards confections made entirely of chocolate, nuts, butter and eggs and try not to think too much about the fat content.

With that in mind I introduce you to Bon Vivant. I'd never come across Bon Vivant until I moved to Sydney. It's a 2 layer cake with a layer of hazelnut sponge topped with a baked layer of chocolate mousse.

I've not made Bon Vivant before and the recipe I used is very close to the link I provided but unfortunately I wasn't able to track it down on the internet. The recipe I used contained a little bit of coffee in the chocolate mousse layer and the hazelnut cake contained 2 tablespoons of flour which I left out.

Traditionally the cake is served in squares, but I decided to get a bit fancy and cut the cake into rounds.

I haven't taken this to work yet but I've had a chance to taste the Bon Vivant. Bake the chocolate mousse layer until it is just set then serve the cake at room temperature (not frozen) to get the full impact of the chocolate mousse.

My workmates are all chocolate fiends so I think they'll approve when I take this into work next week.

I'll be back on Friday so until then,



  1. I realise this is an old post, but I have been trying to find the recipe for this (my father used to make it, but I've lost the recipe) you mention a link to the recipe, but I can't find the link, so I am hoping you still have this recipe

  2. Hi Judy, I've re-linked the bon vivant recipe for you. The actual recipe I used in the photograph was this one but I doubled the quantity of the chocolate topping. I hope that helps. Jillian

  3. Thank you very much!


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