Lemon Poppyseed Layer Cake

Last weekend I had no intention of baking anything. I decided I needed a break from the kitchen. Just as I was about to leave work on Friday afternoon I heard it was a workmate's birthday the following day so what else could I do but roll up my sleeves and get into the kitchen? As you may remember I make a lime poppyseed cake that's very popular so I thought I'd try making a lemon poppyseed cake and whilst I was making cake, why not a layer cake?

I used my lemon syrup cake as a base and added a few tablespoons of poppyseeds. I don't own any sandwich tins so I made an 8 inch cake and sliced it horizontally then filled the cake with lemon flavoured cream cheese icing. I could have left it there but thought, no, it's a birthday, so I topped the cake with some very lemony glace icing.

My workmates never tell me when they don't like my baking but I can tell by the speed with which the goods are devoured. By the end of the day there was only a sliver left.

I always take a slice home with me to photograph so often the cake has been stored in the freezer for close to a week before I get to sample it.

Some of the the baked goods I make freeze well and some less so. This cake freezes beautifully - even the filling and the icing survived. I still have half a slice left so I know what I'll be having with a cup of tea after my dinner tonight.

Until the next time,



  1. Anonymous6:29 pm

    The pics are lovely and the cake looks scrumptious. Wish you would have included the recipe with the pics though.

  2. Very few of my recipes are written down at this stage - just scrawls on paper I'm afraid. This recipe however I have managed to write down. If you'd like a copy just email me


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