Finders Keepers

On Saturday I visited the Finders Keepers Market. The markets were held in the Carriageworks building at the old Eveleigh Railway yards. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I was not alone.The Eveleigh Farmers Markets were being held in the adjacent building and open auditions for Hairspray were also underway.The place was heaving.

I've not been to Finders Keepers before and I was interested to see what was on display.

I really don't like crowds and wasn't feeling all that well so I picked out some local colour, the crowds and a few favourite stalls to photograph before leaving.

The first stall I visited belonged to Kylie of Paperboat Press. Kylie is a poet and a ceramicist and I already own a few pieces of Kylie's work. Kylie very kindly allowed me to photograph her stall and gave me a little care parcel to take home with me but more of that next week.

Next stop was Bespoke Press, to check out their letterpress goodies. I do love letterpress and one day would love to have some letterpress notecards made just for me. Alischa also very kindly allowed me to photograph her booth.

My last stop was knitknit. Unfortunately I don't have any contact details for the stall as the web address I have doesn't work, so apologies. The knitted tea cosy was so cute and I'd love one for my teapot at home. I was intrigued by the learn to knit sign. I learned to knit when I was about 5 so I thought every-one knew how to knit!

edit - here is the link to knit knit

I hope you enjoyed my little trip to Finders Keepers. I'll be back on Friday asking for some more travel tips from my blog readers, so until then,




  1. Amazing photos Jillian! we at Finders Keepers were wondering if we could get permission to use some? of course with full credits to you! Please email me at

  2. Oh great and here is the correct link to KnitKnit!


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