Lemon Tart

I've been using a Martha Stewart recipe for lemon almond tart for years but thought it was time to try another lemon tart recipe. I used my own almond shortcrust pastry recipe but tried out a new filling. The recipe involved warming the lemon mixture over a gentle heat for 5 minutes before filling the blind baked tart shell.

I've been trawling through the internet trying to track down the recipe for you without any luck I'm afraid but it was by Andy Harris from the Gourmet Traveller Perfect Match cookbook. I took the tart into work and whilst the tart tasted fantastic, the filling split as the tart cooled.

I had dinner with Miss. B and Ruin a few weeks ago and was in a quandary yet again. What to bring for dessert? Ruin does not like chocolate at all and I didn't want to make the same dessert I brought last time, Grandma's Apple Cake, even though it was a roaring success. Jenny had mentioned that Ruin was partial to anything lemon flavoured and as I had some leftover pastry in the freezer, I decided to make another lemon tart.

When I re-read the recipe it specified double cream and I'd only used single cream for the first tart. This time I used double cream and voila, the filling didn't split.

With fear and trembling, I presented the tart to the world's toughest food critic. The verdict? Ruin loved it and Miss B. who has quite sophisticated tastes for a 3 year old, came back for seconds.

I hope you had lovely weekends. Once again we had the most bizarre weather  in Sydney. It rained all day Saturday but was gorgeous on Sunday and this afternoon I was dodging hail on my way to the gym. Roll on summer.

Bye for now,



  1. this looks delicious! i don't know the last time i had a tart.

    we are having strange weather for newfoundland as well, it was sunny and 21c both days this weekend! in november! usually we are getting covered in snow by now. but that's okay, i'll take the warmth as long as it wants to stay.

  2. Now I know where our spring weather has gone! Enjoy it while it lasts,


  3. Can you post the recipe. I do not necessarily need measurements. Just the ingredient list is fine if that is all you have. I can sort out the rest. It looks really delish. I can almost smell the lemons from the pics. Thanks!

  4. Hi Renise,

    if you email me I'll see if I can scan the recipe for you,



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