cheesecake 2011

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll notice I've made my Mum's cheesecake recipe quite a few times. The recipe uses a kilo of farm or cottage cheese and 8 eggs, so I've been working on simplifying it for quite some time.

This is my third attempt at simplifying the recipe and it's pretty close to what I'm hoping to achieve. Instead of a full pastry shell, I just made a shortbread base. It was a bit too thick for my taste, so I'm going to reduce the quantity next time I make the cheesecake.

I reduced the quantities, tweaked the ingredients a little and used a combination of cheeses - both farmers cottage cheese and cream cheese. I've not made this cheesecake for work before as it required too much effort and I thought it might be a bit too European in style. The cheesecake is not very sweet, slightly sour because of the cottage cheese and light in texture because of the beaten egg whites added to the mixture.

I needn't have worried. It was given the double thumbs up and there wasn't a crumb left when I returned to work the following day.

Cheesecake is a bit of a plain Jane so I prettied it up a bit with the addition of a few raspberries though the cake doesn't need anything much other than a spoon and an appetite!

See you all again on Wednesday,


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