I'm pretty excited because it's just 5 weeks now until I fly to Amsterdam to attend a conference followed by a holiday in Europe. I'll be in Amsterdam for 6 days then I'll be spending time in Edinburgh, London, Paris and Berlin as well as 10 days in Croatia. Last year some of my very kind readers offered suggestions for things to see and do when I was in Helsinki and I'd love it if you could help me again. This week, let's start with Amsterdam.

Although I've been to Amsterdam before, it was many years ago and in the midst of winter. I do have Pia's book to guide me but if you have any ideas for some summery things to do and suggestions for places to eat I'd love to hear them and no, to my great shame I do not know how to ride a bike. Please email me with your suggestions or if you prefer, you can post a comment in the comments section.

Next week I'll be asking for up to the minute suggestions for both Edinburgh and London so please put on your thinking caps for me. 

P.S There is a full brownie post on the blog that some of my Google readers would have missed.

See you all again on Friday,



  1. what a wonderful holiday that sounds like! i hope you have an amazing trip. i've never been to amsterdam (or europe) so i have no suggestions but i look forward to hearing about your time there!

  2. Thanks for that. I'm really looking forward to a holiday and seeing something new.

    Have a great weekend,



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