postcard from amsterdam

Whoever said jet lag doesn't exist, has never flown a long haul flight from Australia or New Zealand. I've been awake since 2.00 a.m. and what better way to fill my time than blogging?

I arrived to a wet and windy Amsterdam on Saturday and made my way across town to where I'd be staying - misc eatdrinksleep. I was way too early to check-in, so off I went with my new camera in tow.

The hotel is located on Kloveniersburgwal so I took a walk along the canal to see where it would lead me.

Any time I found something interesting, I'd duck into a side lane or alley to take a photo. Eventually, I found myself here at the Flower Market.

I kept walking until I found the Farmers Market at Noordermarkt where I picked up some tasty treats for my lunch. By this stage the rain was pelting down so hard and my jet lag had kicked in. I knew it was time to head back to my hotel for some much needed sleep.

This is what I found when I climbed the stairs to my sweet little room with the most comfortable bed in the world. I should know as I slept for 10 hours straight the first night.

I've lots more to share with you but that's for later in the week, when I'm feeling a little more human. 

Bye for now, 



  1. Beautiful shots Jillian, I can't wait for the next installment! And that bed does look far too divine, I would have never got back out again!!

  2. Thanks Alischa, I was so tempted to crawl back into my bed after breakfast on Sunday but that tourist spirit kicked in and I hit the streets instead.

    I've taken quite a few photos but they all seem to be of the same things - canals, old buildings, flowers and bikes. I must be in Amsterdam!


  3. oh amsterdam! v jealous. looks like you made the most of your first day despite the jetlag... hope you're feeling a bit more normal now - it can sometimes take ages!

  4. Hi Jess,

    I hit the jet lag wall yesterday. Walked around in circles trying to find the van gogh museum then caught the right tram but in the wrong direction/couldn't get my keycard to work etc, etc. Hopefully things will get better from now on.

    Going to a conference for the next few days and the weather is quite grim so don't be too jealous. Thursday will be my shopping day!


  5. Hi Jillian,
    I found your blog and your lovely images through Pia Jane Bijkerk. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities.
    Ingrid x

  6. Welcome to the blog Ingrid. I'm going to be in London next week and I'm in the process of arranging a few places to visit.

    More images of Amsterdam to come,


  7. Looks like a gorgeous place to rest!

  8. Hi Rosalind. I really enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam. The hotel was very central, about 15 minutes walk from most places and the owners helpful and friendly.



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