I spent last week in Croatia, exploring the Dalmatian coastline and no I did not see a single spotted dog. Instead I saw lots and lots of cats like this one fast asleep outside the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik. From Dubrovnik, we island hopped to Korcula and Hvar before my final stop in Split, where I flew to Berlin.

Dubrovnik is the jewel of the Croatian coastline and it's just about the busiest tourist town I've ever visited. Each day 30,000 visitors cram into the old walled city.

Dubrovnik is picture postcard pretty with gorgeous blue sea and skies, an amazing old city with terracotta tiled roofs and the occasional colour burst from hot pink bougainvilleas.

Some buildings were damaged during the Balkan War and In Dubrovnik there were many memorials to the 1991 conflict. The bell tower is a relatively recent addition.

If there is a food market around, I will find it and this sweet little market runs daily 'til lunchtime. I bought a kilo the best peaches there for just 2 euros.

I did mention coastline and here is Dubrovnik from the water.

Dubrovnik was really hot during my stay, 35 degrees C hot and the best way to cope with the heat was to head to the water.

I caught the ferry over to Lokrum Island, a little paradise just 15 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik.

I just loved it there, and all the photos in the collage are from my trip to Lokrum Island. The rest of my time in Dubrovnik was spent trying to keep cool; walking the walls of the old city, visiting museums and the amazing war photography exhibit; trying to get my head around Balkan history and enjoying the freshest of seafood.

Berlin is a world away from the Croatian coastline, with so much to see and do. Sadly my trip ends on Friday and I'm still trying to work out what to see tomorrow, let alone my last 2 days here.

See you all again soon,



  1. of all the limited places in the world I have explored, Dubrovnik has been my favourite! I do not remember it being quite so hot, but do remember the seafood, and the cats, cheap ice cream and the inviting water. Hope you managed to keep cool!

  2. Hi Alischa,

    just after writing the post I suddenly remembered the daily ice creams I'd consumed, just to keep me cool of course. The ice cream is even cheaper here in Berlin,



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