pronto - chicken with red cabbage

I thought you might be a bit over all my travel photos, so here's a food post for you. It was a bit of a shock returning to Sydney after a few weeks of summer weather. When I woke in Sydney on Sunday morning, it was a chilly 7°C. Instead of the light summery Vietnamese dishes I'd been eating in Berlin, it was time to think about casseroles and stews.

Here is another of my favourite Marcella Hazan recipes - chicken with red cabbage. It's a perfect winter recipe. The recipe only calls for a few ingredients and the longer you store it, the better it tastes.

I'm planning to cook this during the weekend, so the photos you see here are of one I prepared a little earlier.

It might not be the prettiest of dishes but it's very tasty.

On the home front, I've survived my first week back at work, but only just. I've just been to the lab to collect the film I shot whilst away. I need to edit those images, I'm going to see Belong by Bangarra and I really need to start thinking about doing my tax return so there'll be no time for baking this weekend. Perhaps next weekend?

See you all again next week,



  1. the red cabbage! with chicken sounds interseting! :)

  2. The red cabbage sauce is the best part of the dish. I'm off to the shop to get some groceries.

    Happy weekend,



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