Dutch Apple Tart

Miss B is growing up and fast. She can now ride a bike without training wheels, something I can't do, and she was happy to show off her skills for me.

Whenever I visit Miss B, I bring dessert with me. Miss B's brother Ruin is my harshest critic, so it's always a challenge coming up with something that will please his palate. If it's not apple or lemon, he won't eat it.

I decided to try out this recipe for Dutch apple tart similar to the ones I saw being served at Cafe Winkel in Amsterdam.

I prepared the filling the night before I baked the tart.

I'd planned to go the gym Sunday morning but the tart took a lot longer to prepare and bake than I'd anticipated.

In fact, the tart only came out of the oven about an hour before I was due to

The verdict - Ruin ate a massive piece and Miss B had a second helping so it must have been okay.

Did you have a nice weekend? I spent Saturday at home chained to the dining table while I finally completed my tax return. Life has been so busy that I've yet to finish unpacking from last weekend's trip away and I'm struggling to fit the gym into my schedule. Some days I need another me... It wasn't all work though as I made it to the gym Sunday morning and met one of my friends for dinner on Sunday night.

See you all again on Wednesday,


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