paris in black and white 2011

It's really hard travelling overseas with film. I carry a lead lined bag with me to protect the film from scanners and each time I travel I end up arguing with security staff who tell me their scanner is film safe. There is no such thing as a film safe scanner! There is something special about the look of black and white film, which is why I persevere.

I really like the look of Paris in black and white, so each day I'd take my camera with me and would just shoot whatever took my fancy.

Some days it would be markets, other days it would be buildings or details.

I spent 2 years developing and printing black and white film when I studied photography and those photographic chemicals don't agree with me. Sydney is short on labs which still develop black and white film, so I'm lucky to have found someone who lives close by who develops the film for me.

I found this random piece of elegant graffiti in the Marais, I think. I shot it in colour as well but I think the black and white image is the better of the two.

I found this great clock the day I visited the Musée Marmottan Monet. I love the building reflected in the clock face and no, it wasn't a happy accident. I had to stand on my tippy toes to get the building in the frame.

Doesn't this image just scream Paris? 

Still 2 more shopshoots to come and then the travel related posts will be over for another year, 

I hope you've enjoyed them.



  1. Great b&w pictures, the clock one is my favourite ! I love the Raspail organic market, it's just near my home :)

  2. Thanks Narumi,

    I love the markets in Paris. Each time I visit Paris I try going to a new one and it was the first time visiting the Raspail Market. I love the fresh produce and I always end up buying my favourite summer fruits - peaches and raspberries.


  3. Gorgeous! There is something so beautiful about black and white film!!! I stopped traveling with film a while ago it just got to be such a pain... my trick was to always bring a really high speed roll like a 3200 so they would have to do a hand check! It almost always worked.
    that last shot is just SO perfect!!!

  4. Security staff refuse to hand check the film these days hence the arguments. It's always at a gallery or museum on the day I've forgotten to carry my film safe bag with me,


  5. Juliana5:05 pm

    Black and white film is very special, although I now use digital due to security and not finding someone who would develop the film the way I wanted it. I just didn't want to have all the chemicals around the house. Paris in black and white is perfectly beautiful!

  6. Thanks so much for your nice comments,



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