mini lemon poppyseed cakes

Which flavour do you prefer, lemon or chocolate? We were talking about this at work the other day. Personally I love lemon desserts and I seem to have been baking lots of lemony flavoured treats recently.

I found this recipe flicking through one of our old magazines at work. The recipe calls for whole lemons, which are first cooked in water, then pureed.

I thought that sounded interesting so I made a half quantity of the recipe and whipped up some mini lemon poppyseed cakes.

I took the cakes into work and the test audience gave them the thumbs up. They liked the cakes because of their dense texture. The cake was all gone before I had a chance to taste it but I kept 2 aside for my friend B and she also gave them the thumbs up, so I guess the recipe is a keeper.

I'm off to meet a friend for dinner so I've got to fly. Ill be back again next week with some more baking, so until then,


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