sweet and spicy souvenirs - labour and wait measuring spoons

Here's another purchase from my trip, some porcelain measuring spoons from Labour and Wait.

labour and wait measuring spoons

Labour and Wait had lots of things I wanted to buy but with limited space, anything I bought had to be small. These spoons filled the bill.

delhi chutney

Last month, I ran out of home made chutney so I put the new measuring spoons to use. The chutney recipe I use has loads of spices in it - cayenne pepper, ginger, dried mustard and turmeric.

delhi chutney

I've been making this recipe for years and serve it as an accompaniment to curries. It's called Delhi chutney and it's a spicy chutney made from apples, dates, mangoes and onions. I've tried to track the recipe down for you on the web without any luck at all. I can find mango chutney and apple and date chutney but nothing that combines all three ingredients.

The recipe makes quite a chunky mix and like a good wine, the flavour matures the longer you store the chutney. I'm planning to serve the chutney with a chicken korma curry that's on the menu for this week.

delhi chutney

Another busy weekend with lots of baking, Sunday lunch with a friend and a successful shoe shopping trip. 

See you all again on Wednesday,


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