whole lemon squares

How did the Wallabies win that game? How did I not have a heart attack whilst watching the last 4 minutes of the match? Back to the matter at hand. Although I love cooking, most of the blogs I follow are wedding photography blogs, a few design blogs and friend's blogs. I only follow a few food related blogs but I do like David Lebovitz's blog, which I dip into from time to time when I need a bit of inspirationOctober is the month in which the Sydney Crave Food Festival is held. When I looked through the list of chefs presenting at Crave, there was David's name. When I checked the date, I realised I'd be out of town that particular weekend. Of course.

A few weeks ago I made some mini lemon and poppyseed cakes, which have yet to make it to the blog. They're sitting in a plastic container in the freezer as I write this. The cake recipe called for whole lemons simmered in water for 20 minutes. I only used one of the lemons and was wondering what to do with the other lemon, when I checked David's blog to find this recipe.

whole lemon squares

So I whizzed up my cooked lemon, skin and all and added it to my regular lemon squares recipe without making any other changes and kept my fingers crossed that the mixture would set. There was clearly more topping, which is a good thing and the top didn't dry out as usual. I took the lemon squares into work and didn't say a word.

I tried a corner of one of the squares and they were a little too bitter for my taste. Next time I make the lemon squares, I'll remove the peel and reserve it, then remove the pith from the lemon first before quartering pureeing the flesh.
Lemon squares are always a favourite and I felt sure someone would notice a difference as the whole lemon squares certainly had a bitter edge to them. No-one said a word. 

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I tried to finish some half completed projects; bought a bag on sale to use as a stylish shooting bag and had lunch with a friend. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

See you all soon,


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