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The family cat has not been well lately and I was expecting to find her all pale and wan when I was home at Christmas. Nothing could be further from the truth. She's as feisty as ever and she runs a tight ship.

Miss. M doesn't like having her photo taken and somehow manages to duck whenever she sees a camera coming. All I wanted was a photograph of her bell not her face. It didn't matter how often I explained that to Miss. M, she wasn't having a bar of it. In the end Dad had to wrangle her into position so I could get the shot. Then she shot me 'the look'.

She was clearly unimpressed and yes her eyes really are that shade of blue,

and her tail really is so luxuriant.

After 10 days at home whipping up more gingerbread men and 2 batches of mince pies, it's time to return to more normal programming so I shall be returning to the kitchen this weekend. No idea at all what I'll be making, so you'll have to come back next week to find out!

See you all next week,


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