pronto - sausages with lentils

I was helped in my quest to find some new food favourites, when a cookbook arrived in my letterbox last week. It was the Slow Food Cookbook from Gourmet Traveller, a magazine I've been receiving for more than 10 years courtesy of my good friend Nat. I flipped through the pages on my way to work last week (I catch the train to work for those of you wondering) and spotted this recipe for sausages with green lentils.

When I was growing up sausages were kind of special. We used to order them from Melbourne and Dad would return from the airport with a box wrapped in brown paper tucked under his arm. I've loved sausages ever since then. 

I thought I had some French style lentils lurking somewhere in the back of my cupboards but bought another packet just in case. I knew there were some black peppercorn and beef sausages in the freezer and I already had the other ingredients in my pantry, so I made this for my Sunday night supper. The recipe states you don't have to soak the lentils but they took hours to cook so next time I'll be soaking them before cooking.

The lentils were lovely and would be great as a vegetarian meal if you swapped the veal stock for a vegetable stock and skipped the bacon, as I did. I'll certainly be adding this dish to my winter repertoire.

See you all again on Wednesday,


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