pronto - steak with anchovy butter

When I was growing up My Dad was always in charge of cooking steak. I probably treat myself to a steak once a month so it has to be a good one. It's taken lots of trial and error but I think I have cooking a steak down to a fine art now, almost as good as my Dad's.

steak with anchovy butter

I saw this Neil Perry recipe for anchovy butter and decided it would go perfectly with my dinner of steak and faux chips made from kipfler potatoes, accompanied by a rocket salad.

steak with anchovy butter

I had to shoot this as quickly as possible because no-one likes to eat a cold steak and I was ravenous.

I'm in Brisbane for the next week for a bit of family time, so whilst I'm home I might just get Dad to cook me a steak....

Any suggestions for a shop to shoot whilst I'm in town?


(update) Dad did cook me a steak when I was home in Brisbane; my sister made the anchovy butter and I whipped up some more faux potato chips and a garden salad for dinner.

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