lemon cheesecake and poppyseed tartlets

I've had this Ottolenghi recipe from the Guardian stored in my 'to bake' file for quite some time. My workmates all love cheesecake so I was sure they'd love these little tarts.

I'm not going to lie - making these tarts was a pretty fiddly affair. Originally I thought about making this as a single cheesecake but I don't have a small springform tin. I did change the recipe a little as I only had large eggs in my fridge. I used 1 large egg and an additional egg white. I mixed the yolk into the cream cheese mixture then I beat the 2 egg whites until stiff then folded them into the cheesecake mixture.

I had a little bit of filling left over so I baked it in a paper cupcake liner and it was delicious. Tangy, light and fluffy. Unfortunately these little tarts were too rich for me but they went down really, really  well with my workmates, in fact they waxed lyrical over them.

So my crush with Yotam Ottolenghi continues. Expect some more of his recipes in the coming weeks.

See you all again on Wednesday with a shopshoot,



  1. Juliana4:43 am

    I have both of his cookbooks at home and regularly make something out of them. So far everything had turned out wonderfully!

  2. Hi Juliana,

    I was sold on his food after visiting the Notting Hill branch of Ottolenghi's last year. It's good to know the cookbook is so easy to follow and the recipes are reliable. I can't say the same about all cookbooks.



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