chewton - a road trip

I decided it was time to run away from Sydney for a few days. I sent a few emails to friends, booked a flight to Melbourne and hired a car for a day so I could visit friends in Castlemaine. I took the scenic route up there driving through Woodend, Kyneton and the sweetest of villages, Chewton.

I think I took a photo of every structure in the village, the more ramshackle the better.

How great does this pub look swathed in vine leaves?

I had a few days of the best weather with amazing skies. Unfortunately Melbourne's reputation for having 4 seasons in one day has been on display during my stay down here. One hour ago rain was falling torrentially and now the sun is shining brightly.

The quaintest town hall located next to the busiest place in the whole of Chewton, the post office.

I'll leave you with one more image of Chewton.

I've been doing a few shopshoots whilst in Victoria so there'll be plenty more to share with you in the next month or so.

See you all again on Wednesday,


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