blood orange, almond and polenta cake

When I came home from my holidays last week I saw nets of blood oranges in the fruit market. I bought one of the bags home with me but what to make? I decided I wanted to make a blood orange cake. I found a blood orange cake recipe in Ottolenghi but it involved making caramel and as I'm still struggling a bit with my sleep, there was way too much pfaffing around for me. I found this recipe on the web, which was much the same as the one I was planning to use.

I bought this cute little bundt tin last week but it's pretty tiny so I halved the recipe to fit the dimensions of the tin. I greased the tin and debated flouring it and decided not to. I always flour my tins but I was tired after a sleepless night so I confess my decision making was a bit compromised. That was my first mistake as the cake stuck to the tin when I turned it out onto the cooling rack.

I made the syrup and it seemed quite a lot for such a little cake but I went ahead and poured it all over the cake. Mistake number 2. The cake was now so soft it cracked when I tried to put it onto the cake stand.

By this stage it was looking as though I'd have to bake another cake to photograph. I checked my fridge and I didn't have enough butter and by now I was not in the mood to walk up to the shops so I put the cake into the fridge hoping it would firm up enough to photograph.

So the cake isn't perfect but it still tasted pretty good. I have plenty of blood oranges left in the fruit bowl so I do plan to make this again. I haven't included my recipe because I want to make a successful version of the cake before I do. The lesson I learned - don't try baking a cake at 7.00 a.m. when you've only had 3 hours of sleep. It will only end in tears!

The evening news is on in the background as I write this. I'm still in shock at the havoc Hurricane Sandy has wrought in North America. For the first time in 2 weeks I'm actually glad to be back home again. I hope every-one I met on my travels are safe and well.

See you all again next week,


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