Greetings from Canada. Following a 29 hour journey, I arrived on Wednesday and spent a few days in Montreal before catching the train to Quebec. I thought I'd share a few snaps of Montreal with you. I took loads of photos and even managed to squeeze in a shopshoot which I'll share with you once I'm back home in Sydney.

I stayed in the old part of Montreal on the happening end of Rue St Paul (naturally) where I snapped a bit of local street style. I'm no fashion blogger, but I have to say the men seemed to have a bit more street style than most of the ladies I saw passing by.

As I was staying in the old part of town, I did a self guided walking tour around the area. Here's the Hotel de Ville, which was looking very spruce.

Some details of the building for you.

I have to say most of my fellow tourists were on the more mature side. I discovered they were all about to take cruises along the St. Lawrence River. I did discover a few younger people though in my travels.

I visited 2 of Montreal's food markets - Jean Talon and Atwater - where I spotted these perfectly imperfect apples.

The shop I photographed was in Mile End, where I spotted this building.

I hope you enjoyed this little taster of Montreal. When I get a chance I'd love to share a few more images with you but as from tomorrow I'm attending a conference so will be locked in a convention centre for the next 7 days. 

Oh by the way, here's my latest column for decor8, a feature on Greg Hatton. When I get a bit more time I'll be sharing more of those photos with you as well.

Until later then,


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