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New York is the place to go at the moment for my friends and workmates. Despite the very long journey involved, I'm the third in my circle of friends and the third person at work to visit this year. In a piece of good timing, which is rare for me, I managed to leave New York before Hurricane Sandy hit.

I knew I'd be heading to Brooklyn a couple of times for some shopshoots, so I picked up my cameras and went out exploring.

On my first visit, I walked from Brooklyn Borough Hall back to Manhattan.

I passed some beautiful houses in Brooklyn Heights, some of which were being used for location shoots.

I walked along the promenade for a look at the New York skyline and a touching memorial to 9/11. I managed to walk the Brooklyn Bridge without being bowled over by a cyclist but it was a bit hair raising at times.

I love this photo I shot on film during my visit to Williamsburg.

My last visit to Brooklyn was purely for my enjoyment. I visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which was one of the highlights of my trip. I'm sorry to learn how much damage was done to the gardens by Hurricane Sandy. 

I visited the gardens on a gloriously sunny Saturday. I explored the rose garden and the Japanese Gardens.

I admired the bonsais that were on display in the greenhouse.

I have plenty more images of pre-Sandy New York to share with you over the coming weeks. I'll see you all again next week, so until then


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