takaka ginger crunch

When I was searching for Ginger Crunch recipes, I found this one for Takaka Ginger Crunch

This recipe was quite different as it included oats and was topped with a ginger butter cream icing.

One of the girls described the finished product as Anzac Biscuits with icing, which she felt was a definite improvement on the original.

Here are the 2 biscuits side by side so you can see the difference.

I definitely preferred the original Edmonds Ginger Crunch so now I'm wondering how the Takaka Ginger Crunch would taste topped with the icing from the Edmonds Ginger Crunch recipe? I'm sure I'll get round to trying that combination one day. Maybe for Anzac Day?

Here's the recipe for you - makes 24
Takaka Ginger Crunch
Ginger Crunch Base
150g/5 oz butter
2 Tbsp golden syrup
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup desiccated coconut
1½ cups rolled oats
3/4 cup plain flour
1½ tsp baking powder
1½ tsp ground ginger

Ginger Crunch Icing
150g/5 oz softened butter
1½ cups icing sugar
4 Tbsp golden syrup
6 tsp ground ginger

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F. Line a 20 x 30 cm (8 x 12 inch) slice tin with baking paper.

To make the base, put the butter, golden syrup and brown sugar into a medium-large saucepan and stir over a low heat until melted. Remove from the heat and add all the dry ingredients to the saucepan. Mix thoroughly. Press into the prepared slice tin and bake for 15-20 minutes. Mark into squares while still warm.

Make the icing by mixing the softened butter with the sugar, syrup and ginger. Stir until very smooth. Spread the icing over the cooled base and decorate with a fork. When completely cold, cut through the icing and separate the squares.

I'm off to a meeting so I better fly. See you all again next week,



  1. My mouth is watering! Yum!

    1. Glad you liked them. They're really simple to make as well,



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