glebe - a wander

I was determined to get something up on the blog today so I took my camera for a wander around the suburb of Glebe. I don't really know the suburb at all so I started with the iconic Valhalla building in Glebe, once a landmark art house cinema.

Don't you just love it's art deco lines?  

The Valhalla is on the corner of Hereford Street. I took a walk along the street to have a look at some typical Glebe buildings. I found single storey terrace houses and some very generous multilevel terraces just like the ones you'd find in Paddington.

Some were in pristine condition, many were quite dilapidated.

Just off Glebe Point Road is Palmerston Avenue where I spied this colourful house.The front of the house is bright yellow, obviously a newer addition and it looks nothing like the side of the house.

I loved the details so took quite a few photos of them.

I hope you enjoyed my little wander around the streets of Glebe. I might make these wanders exploring new to me Sydney suburbs, a semi-regular thing on the blog.

See you all again next week with some food and a little shop shoot.

Bye for now,


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