amsterdam - part II

Hi every-one,

well the jetlag is settling and I've been able to prepare some images. There are quite a few so I'll divide them across a few posts.

The first few images are from the area around the old church where the church sits cheek by jowl with sex workers. I guess that's Amsterdam.

I love the old cobble stones and the bikes, which are everywhere.

On my first afternoon in Amsterdam, I visited Rembrandt's House.

My jet lag was at it's worst but I did enjoy the etching demonstration. I did an etching course once and let's just say I'm a better photographer than I am an artist.

The following day keeping with the Rembrandt theme, I visited the Rijksmuseum along with every other visitor to Amsterdam it would seem.

The museum is set in beautiful gardens.

Rembrandt's famous, Night Watch.

The tranquil library.

Some of the gallery spaces.

From there I wandered all over the city, ending in the Jordaan where I photographed these flowers and these wonky old shops.

It's time for me to make a move so I'll finish here. Tomorrow I'm off to Copenhagen but I'll be back with some more images from Amsterdam before I fly out.

So until then


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