copenhagen III - palaces

Sorry about the absence for a few days but I was having trouble getting access to my images. It's now all sorted and be prepared for a deluge.

My Copenhagen apartment was close to a number of palaces so I visited three of them - the Amalienborg Palace, the Christiansborg Palace, the Rosenborg Palace and another historic area, the Kastellet.

The Christiansborg Palace contained some very grand reception rooms but I was most taken with the Royal stables and the beautiful white horses housed within.

The Rosenborg Palace is located in the Kings Garden and it's a beautiful doll's house of a building.

It's filled with treasures and the treasury housed in the dungeon is just spectacular.

The Amalienborg Palace was just 5 minutes walk from my flat, so it was one of the last places I visited before leaving Copenhagen.

I visited the museum but was most taken with the exterior.

I was on the bus heading towards the station when I spied a windmill. I did some research and discovered it was part of the Kastellet, a star shaped fortress.

The Kastellet was a complete surprise to me.

I arrived really early and found the place was alive with joggers and dog walkers.

Another jewel in Copenhagen's crown.

If I get the time, I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos from Copenhagen.

See you all again soon,


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