paris - part III

I'm not sure why I like Paris so much because it certainly wasn't a case of love at first sight. I was 15 and on a school trip the first time I visited Paris. It was winter so Paris was grey and cold; we were staying in a no-star hotel with dodgy plumbing and let's just say the Parisian's weren't very friendly. With time Paris and it's charms started to grow on me. So what has Paris to offer? Beautiful buildings, culture, food, art, fashion, shopping and the list goes on and on.

 I arrived a bit early for my time slot at the Paris 1900 exhibition, which is being held at the Petit Palais. While I was waiting I headed over to Pont Alexandre III where I witnessed a Japanese couple on their (?) engagement shoot.

The exhibition was very large, very crowded and no photos were allowed so instead I concentrated on the building itself, built for the Paris World Fair of 1900.

At its heart is a beautiful courtyard garden and cafe.

The garden was quite serene and filled with swooping birds.

Whilst I'm writing about beautiful buildings, here are a few photos from the Hopital St Louis not too far from my Canal St Martin hotel.

The beautiful leafy courtyard.

I just wish you could smell these roses, because their perfume was magnificent.

I still have a few more photos to share with you from Paris and Zurich but if I have time to get back into the kitchen, I may have some food to share with you next week.

See you all again soon,


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