paris part IV - the markets

Wherever I travel I like to live like a local as much as I can. I catch public transport; visit grocery stores and markets and this time I chose to rent apartments in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Paris. It was so nice having my own little space to come home to and best of all, I avoided the dreaded visit to the laundromat, watching my washing spinning around and around.

With my own little Paris kitchen I wouldn't say I did much cooking but I did go shopping every day, just like a local.

came home with roast chicken, a baguette, cheese, my daily pastry from the local patisserie, salad leaves and berries. This beauty came from Liberté and it was sublime.

visited the Marche d'Aligre for the first time and revisited one of my old favourites, the Marche BastilleLook at what I found - a kaleidoscope of colour and taste and shopping at the market was so much more fun than shopping at my local supermarket.

It was white asparagus season when I was in Paris so they were in abundance as were melons and strawberries. I may not have indulged in the asparagus but I certainly came home with a few melons and punnets of strawberries and raspberries. My French may not be very good but when the need arises, I know how to get what I want!

How magnificent is this display of blooms?

This lady with her humble bunches of flowers broke my heart. She didn't get many takers.

See you all again next week with some images from my time in Zurich and a spot of baking. My black and white film scans have just returned from the lab and once they're edited, I'll share some of those images with you as well.

Bye for now, 


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