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Hi Every-one,

I can't believe just how busy the past few days have been. In a rare moment of free time I've put together a few images from my visit to Ellsworth Paris.

It's a tiny little slip of a place near the statue of Moliere in Paris. It does lunch a few days a week, and one of those days happened to coinicide with my 4 days in Paris.

I first heard of the restaurant via Instagram, checked their menu and decided to book a table for lunch.

I'm travelling alone and one thing I'm loathe to do is to dine alone but in this case I decided to be brave. I also don't photograph my food before I eat it when in a restaurant but on this occasion I broke that rule as well.

The lunch menu is small but I'd already decided I was going to have the fried chicken, whilst the dessert I chose on the day.

The chicken was scrumptious. It was well brined, tender with a crunchy coating served with some delicious pickles.

As you can see I chose the almond cake with cherries and mascarpone for dessert. You may have seen this image already on Instagram.

The wait staff were lovely and I didn't feel too self conscious dining solo.You can find Ellsworth Paris at 34, rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris, France.

I'll be back when next I have some time to spare with some more images from Paris.

Bye for now,


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