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I'm sitting in my apartment in Reykjavik watching the rain tumbling down. My jeans are in the tumble dryer and my shoes are packed with newspaper drying out. I have no plans to leave the flat so blogging it is, fuelled by numerous cups of tea.

Let's return to Paris for the moment and the Marais, where I found the sweet Boot Cafe tucked away in a side street.

These images were taken just before Bastille Day, hence the festive bunting.

I found this road sign found in the Marais requesting road harmony. I still found crossing the street in Paris pretty scary, so I'm not sure how successful it's been.

On my way to the Musee Rodin, I took a quick trip to the terrace at the Printemps Department store for some scenic views of Paris. No rain clouds on this day.

Here's Paris from another angle.

The Musee Rodin is another favourite place of mine or should I say the garden of the Musee Rodin, which you can pay for and visit separately. That's what I normally do but as the museum's been renovated since my last visit to Paris, I decided to take a look inside. I still prefer the garden.

A few interior photos including Rodin's, 'The Kiss'.

The museum from the garden.

The garden is mainly green and white.

With beautiful white hydrangeas in full bloom.

Continuing with the garden theme, here are a few early morning images from the Tuileries.

And a final image of the Arc du Carrousel.

I'll be back home in Sydney later in the week. Once I've unpacked, sorted out the mail and bought some groceries, I'll post my images from the Chateau at Fontainebleau. After 5 weeks away from the kitchen, I wonder if I can remember how to cook?

See you again soon,


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