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Here's something you've not seen on the blog for a while, a Sydney shopshoot. There have been some health issues with my family the past year, so every 6 weeks I fly to Brisbane for a few days. It means I have less free time on my hands to do anything let alone shoot shops.

Roaming through instagram a few months back I noticed quite a few references to Silvia from The Lost and Found Department. The Lost and Found Department looked like a shop filled with the kind of goodies I'd like to buy so I checked where it was; decided to clear one Saturday morning, took along my as yet unspent birthday money and headed over to Artarmon. 

I have a bit of a thing for succulents and green demijohn bottles so look at what greeted me on my arrival. Come inside with me.

The shop is a bit of a treasure trove, filled with everything.

I found antique wares, linen, garden supplies, gifts, copper goods, ceramics and even a chandelier.

I'm not sure why that beautiful antique platter didn't come home with me. I liked it so much I photographed it twice!

As you can see, you can buy just about everything at The Lost and Found Department. I think I've spied a potential Christmas gift or two.

I came home with a little tarnished jelly mould and a beautiful sharp Pallarès kitchen knife, which has already become my go-to knife.

Many thanks to Silvia for letting me roam around her lovely shop. If you'd like to visit, you can find The Lost + Found Dept at 81 Dickson Avenue in the Sydney suburb of Artarmon.

See you all again next week,

Bye for now,



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