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I escaped Sydney for a few days last week, running away to the Blue Mountains. I didn't take the direct route though and travelled first to Bowral for lunch before driving across Sydney to the foot of the Blue Mountains. 

The reason for the detour to Bowral? To visit the brand new Press Shop Cafe and Bespoke Letterpress shop in the newly redeveloped Dirty Jane's Emporium. The shop and cafe are the brain child of my friend Alischa Herrman.

I visited the shop on a bright sunny summer's day and the cafe was filled to the brim, so much so I had to get my lunch at another cafe!

The cafe is decked out in shades of pale blue, white and marble with timber trims and touches of brass.

I really loved the marble topped outdoor tables and those cute salt and pepper shakers.

At the rear of the cafe is the Bespoke Letterpress shop. This collage gives you an overview of the shop.

You can see the presses through the glass windows.

Some of the stationery goods for sale.

and lastly this beautiful ribbon display.

It was time to explore Dirty Jane's where I discovered the just opened Orangery, part of the Potting Shed in Bowral.

Here's a taste of what I found inside.

An eclectic collection of items on display, all highly covetable.

A few more pretty items I found outside in the Potting Shed.

Lots of  rusty, wire plants and terracotta pots.

I just loved this scene so much, I photographed it twice!

Well maybe three times.

And a final image before I left to find some lunch before driving to Wentworth Falls.

I've lived in Sydney for a long time now but I tend to travel between the east where I live and the north and inner west because that's where my friends live. As I drove from Bowral and headed further and further west, I passed suburbs I'd only heard about but had never visited. I now know where Badgery's Creek is located, home to Sydney's long awaited second airport and I can tell you, it's a long long way away from the centre of Sydney. I also discovered the suburb of Luddenham.

Apparently Luddenham is known for it's strawberries, Christmas trees and a race track but it was this sweet little church, St James, that made me stop and turn around.

It was a really hot day so I didn't linger long but I loved everything about it.

The stone work, the stained glass windows and the simple cross and bell.

And of course the quintessentially Australian galvanized iron roof.

As I walked back to the car I spied this rickety fence. What lurked behind?

I found this old house in an advanced state of decrepitude. 

This was as close as I could get due to all the fencing. Someone clearly didn't want any-one inside this house.

The view from the other side. See what I mean?

My favourite shot of the day - that blistered green paint, the orange vine, the old tin roof and thistles in the overgrown garden. What's not to love?

It's still too hot here to cook, so next time I'll share some photos from my time in the Blue Mountains or the Blue Hills, as my Swiss friend refers to them.

Bye for now,



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