Have you ever been to Hartley

It's a little village south of the Blue Mountains on the way to Lithgow, where time has stood still. 

My brother, Farmer Andrew, introduced me to Hartley many years ago and this was my first visit since then. 

I arrived early on a grey day and had the place to myself for about 20 minutes before a few others arrived. I walked from the car past the Hartley Court House.

The St Bernards Presbytery.

St Bernards' Church, overlooked by this splendid tree.

When you sit under the tree, you have a birds eye view of the court house.

Just behind the local cafe was a walk to the Big Tor and a sculpture walk.

You pass by this gently decaying building.

The Big Tor.

I found myself in an apple orchard.

I would have stayed longer except my camera battery ran out.

What kind of photographer goes away for a few days without their charger and a spare battery? 
Well me apparently. Slightly crestfallen I drove home to Sydney where I found my spare battery still plugged into the charger.

I guess it means I'll have to return again soon because I wasn't finished with Hartley.

See you all again soon,


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