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This weekend I made a pilgrimage to The Cutting at Barangaroo, the newest location of  The Finders KeepersI've been attending the markets for 7 years now and go to visit my old market friends; see if there's anything new and different and on this occasion take the opportunity to visit the new venue.

The markets were housed in The Cutting, a dramatic new exhibition space.

I arrived just as the markets opened so it was quiet and easy to roam around.

I mainly took photos of the venue and not the stalls. 

The light in the new venue was great at the perimeter then petered out on the other side making photo taking a bit tricky especially when one too tired photographer failed to change her ISO setting from 200 when she needed to be using 1600. 

My hand holding in low light is good but not that good so I took lots of shots that had too much camera shake to be used.

One favourite stall I did manage to photograph was Bridget Bodenham's.

One of her beautiful vases.

I always make time to visit Kylie from Paperboat Press.

and Alischa from Bespoke Letterpress who was working the door.

There were lots of places for resting. I loved those stools and wouldn't mind having one in my little flat.

And of course you can always enjoy live music at the Finders Keepers.

Here are a few new to me stalls.

Someone (that would be me) forget to collect business cards so I don't have any contact details to share with you.

It was at this stage I decided I should probably leave and started to make my way home.

I'd not been to the Barangaroo Reserve since it's opening and as it was a gorgeous autumn day I wandered along the sandstone wall down by the water before jumping on a bus back to the eastern suburbs.

I hope that gave you some idea of what you'll find at the Finders Keepers.

See you all again next week with some more baking my kitchen.

Bye or now,


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