paris - part II

So much happens in a week when you're travelling. When I last wrote I was in Paris. Since then I've been in Glasgow conferencing and in a blink of an eye, here I am in London. Before I start exploring today I thought I'd post some more photos from Paris.

I stayed near the Canal St Martin and would wander past most days.

Someone really loves the area!

The beautiful Hopital St Louis is a short walk away.

I just love the peaceful interior courtyard.

I visited 2 of my favourite galleries, the Musee Picasso and the Musee D'Orsay.

I visited the Musee D'Orsay on the first Sunday of the month when admission is free.

Maybe that was a mistake because the gallery was uncomfortably busy.

I decided to pre-book my ticket to the Musee Picasso, which had an excellent exhibition featuring Picasso's work, Geurnica.

I love the building in which the museum is housed, the Hôtel Salé, as much as I love the artwork.

On my last day in Paris I decided to visit the Palais Royale. It was a gloriously sunny day so everyone was out enjoying the sun.

A shady spot.

After my walk, I stopped for a nice lunch at Ellsworth.

Giverny is not far from Paris, so I decided to take a day trip. Here are a few little flower shots from Monet's garden to tide you over until I can get my next blog post together.

Time for me to explore London, so I better go and get ready.

Until next time.

Bye for now,


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