When I booked a few days in Portovenere I really didn't know anything about the place except it was meant to be very beautiful. 

I did a little bit of reading to discover Portovenere was part of the Bay of Poet's and Byron's Grotto was located there. 

Byron loved to swim and would swim from this grotto to meet fellow poet, Shelley.

Well all that I'd read was true. Portovenere is very pretty and also very tiny. 

Each morning the ferries would arrive disgorging passengers all of whom had come to see the beautiful Poet's Gulf.

Portovenere consists of just one main street, the waterfront which houses most of the eateries and a few historic sites - St Peter's Church, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Doria.

Wandering along the caruggi.

My little apartment was hidden behind the green door and opposite the green door was this amazing pasta curtain.

The sunset from my window.

Some pretty spots from my wanders.

The view from the Doria, which is accessed by many, many stairs.

Once I'd made the climb I found this knock-out view of St Peter's Church.

I found so many wild flowers as I scrambled up the hill.

I caught a ferry across to the small island of Palmaria where I climbed up to the top of the island to take some photos.

The views were spectacular so I took quite a few photos.

Once the sun went down, most of the tourists left leaving the streets nice and quiet for my evening perambulation hunting down dinner.

Each morning I'd throw open my shutters to enjoy the glorious view and listen to the sounds of the water lapping the harbour. Pure bliss.

See you all again with some more photos from my few days in Florence.

Bye for now,



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