I've been to Switzerland a number of times now but until now I'd not been to Geneva. I was in Geneva attending a conference and put aside 2 days to see the sights.

To begin with, the weather wasn't too kind so after my first day here, I returned home with very few images. Thankfully the sun came out the second day or I'd have nothing to share with you.

I stayed in Carouge, about a 20 minute tram journey from downtown Geneva. Carouge is known as the Sardinian village and is filled with lovely old buildings and secret gardens.

I stumbled upon these beautiful gardens in my travels.

I also spent some time wandering around the old town.

I loved all the old buildings.

I climbed the north tower of St Pierre's Cathedral.

Some views from the climb.

Another view.

Touches of colour.

I also visited the Botanical Gardens but I'll share those images next time.

Bye for now,


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